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What are Cloud Shipping Companies?

Top 10 Cloud Shipping Companies for Ecommerce Enterprises

6 Considerations When Selecting the Ideal Cloud Shipping Company




Gone are the days when shipping was a laborious manual task. E-commerce automation has revolutionized all aspects of online selling, including shipping operations for store owners. Today, most medium to enterprise-level businesses rely on cloud shipping software to streamline their shipping processes.

In this blog post, we will explore the top cloud shipping companies for e-commerce stores. We will provide an overview of the services they offer and discuss important factors to consider when choosing a cloud shipping provider.

What are Cloud Shipping Companies?

Cloud shipping companies utilize cloud-based software to handle various shipping and delivery activities. These companies, including the ones listed below, employ intelligent, AI-powered tools to automate and optimize shipping processes, eliminating manual inefficiencies.

By leveraging cloud computing, these companies significantly improve time and resource utilization. Time-consuming tasks such as label printing, stock counting, and return processing can be completed much more efficiently through cloud shipping software. The adoption of cloud shipping companies leads to enhanced shipping workflows, reduced errors in package delivery, increased customer satisfaction, and lower order fulfillment costs.

Top 10 Cloud Shipping Companies for Ecommerce Enterprises

Here are the leading cloud shipping companies that cater to e-commerce sellers worldwide:

1) ClickPost

ClickPost is an AI-driven multi-carrier shipping solution designed to enhance the customer experience throughout the entire purchase journey. It automates several aspects of the shipping process to reduce errors and increase operational efficiency. With ClickPost, you can easily monitor the status of your orders across various sales channels, websites, and marketplaces using a centralized dashboard. The platform also includes proactive NDR (Non-Delivery Report) management to prevent mishaps and customer dissatisfaction. Additionally, ClickPost offers a Shopify app called ClickPost Returns Plus, which facilitates returns and exchanges for Shopify merchants.

2) ShipStation

ShipStation is a cloud shipping software that provides order management, shipping, branding, and tracking services for online store owners worldwide. It offers integration with 429 global shipping carriers, multiple sales channels, ERPs, accounting tools, and fulfillment centers. While businesses in seven countries can directly use ShipStation for 3PL services, others can access its services through co-partners. ShipStation offers a range of pricing plans starting from $9.99 to $299.99, including a custom plan for businesses with specific order volumes.

3) Shippo

Shippo connects e-commerce stores with online marketplaces, 85+ shipping partners, and various fulfillment providers with locational advantages. With Shippo's API integration, businesses can easily incorporate the platform into their existing business infrastructure and other tech products. Shippo is particularly suitable for small and medium-sized businesses seeking to test multiple software options before settling on one. It offers a free pricing plan, with charges only applicable if owners want to print shipping or return labels using their carrier accounts instead of Shippo's.

4) EasyPost

EasyPost offers a range of APIs for address verification, tracking, and shipping, making it a user-friendly cloud shipping software for e-commerce businesses. These APIs can be selectively utilized based on specific needs. EasyPost supports multi-carrier shipping and provides an automated shipping label generator, making it ideal for managing high order volumes. Notably, EasyPost promotes environmentally conscious practices by offering green packaging and shipping options, contributing to sustainable business operations.

5) Narvar

Narvar is a well-known name in the e-commerce industry, providing post-purchase customer experience software. As a cloud shipping platform, Narvar covers all aspects of order fulfillment, tracking, status notifications, returns, and exchanges

. One standout feature of Narvar is "Concierge," which enables customers to pick up, return, or exchange their orders at partnered stores near their location. This service has proven effective in increasing conversions and customer satisfaction for many e-commerce retailers.

6) ShippingEasy

ShippingEasy is a cloud-based shipping software that offers marketing features alongside shipping management. It includes customizable campaigns, email marketing management, customer feedback tools, and more. ShippingEasy's e-commerce fulfillment services encompass a smart shipping workflow, real-time order tracking, and reverse logistics. The platform also provides a comprehensive Shopify Seller suite, enabling fast store integration, abandoned cart emails, and email promotions. ShippingEasy is popular among small and medium-sized businesses due to its affordable shipping rates for FedEx, UPS, and USPS.

7) SendCloud

SendCloud is a parcel shipping software designed to expedite the shipping process for e-commerce businesses through automation. With integration options for over 80 carriers and pre-negotiated rates, SendCloud eliminates unnecessary complexities. The platform's "Pack & Go" feature automates shipping and return label printing, reducing the occurrence of incorrect shipments. By addressing common issues such as confusion and mis-shipments, SendCloud helps ensure smoother operations and improved customer satisfaction.

8) ShipRocket

ShipRocket is a shipping management platform available to online sellers in over 220 countries. It facilitates global package delivery through partnerships with 17 shipping carriers. By connecting businesses with various marketplaces and shopping carts like Shopify, Magento, and OpenCart, ShipRocket expands its selling opportunities. With multiple shipping options and 24/7 customer support, ShipRocket is also a suitable choice for B2B shipping, offering affordable rates, including expedited shipping.

9) AfterShip

AfterShip is a logistics platform primarily focused on enhancing the post-purchase customer experience. In addition to order tracking, AfterShip offers features such as Estimated Delivery Date (EDD) estimation, automated label printing, and live shipping rate calculation. The platform ensures seamless tracking updates through real-time notifications via email and SMS. AfterShip Green, its latest addition, utilizes SGS-certified methods to monitor and limit greenhouse gas emissions, optimizing delivery routes to reduce transit times and costs.

10) MetaPack

MetaPack is a well-established shipping, fulfillment, and management service provider partnered with over 350 shipping carriers. MetaPack offers a branded tracking page that can be fully customized to reflect a company's branding. The platform provides regular tracking, shipping, and delivery reports, allowing eCommerce owners to identify areas for improvement in their business operations. MetaPack also assists in resolving last-mile delivery challenges by optimizing carrier selection and route planning.

6 Considerations When Selecting the Ideal Cloud Shipping Company

While the listed cloud shipping companies offer specialized features to streamline e-commerce shipping, not all features may be essential for every business. Here are six key criteria to consider when selecting a cloud shipping company:

1) Multi-Carrier Support: Ensure the cloud shipping platform supports multiple carriers, as this provides access to global markets, enables cross-border deliveries, and allows for comparison of shipping costs. It also ensures the continuity of delivery channels in case of supply chain disruptions with a specific carrier.

2) Real-Time Shipment Tracking: Choose a cloud shipping company that provides accurate and real-time tracking information to customers. Real-time order status notifications via SMS, email, and other channels help manage customer expectations and allow for proactive measures in case of delays.

3) Return & Exchange Management: Opt for a cloud shipping company that offers streamlined return logistics. Automated returns and exchanges through a return portal, coupled with comprehensive tracking and monitoring capabilities, improve customer satisfaction and retention rates.

4) Shipping Capacity: Consider the scalability of the cloud shipping software to accommodate the growth of your business and handle increasing order volumes efficiently. Ensure the platform integrates with an adequate number of shipping carriers to support timely order fulfillment as your business expands.

5) Easy Onboarding: Seamless integration with the existing tech stack and smooth onboarding processes are crucial. Ensure the cloud shipping software works well with other software tools used in your business operations, minimizing potential glitches and disruptions.

6) Customer Care Unit: Look for a cloud shipping company that provides around-the-clock customer support. Accessible customer support helps address customer inquiries, alleviate concerns, and potentially generate additional sales. A lack of responsive customer service can negatively impact the customer's perception of your business.


The best cloud shipping companies prioritize customer preferences, offer tailored services, and provide room for business growth. This article presented a comprehensive list of top cloud shipping companies worldwide, highlighting their key features. By considering the essential functionalities discussed and aligning them with your business requirements, you can choose the ideal cloud shipping company that best suits your needs. Best of luck in your selection process!


1) Do cloud shipping companies utilize cloud computing?

Yes, cloud shipping companies rely on cloud computing for their operations. By hosting their software on cloud servers, these companies offer their services as Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions. This allows customers to access and use their shipping products through the cloud, eliminating the need for physical data handling.

2) Is cloud shipping the optimal choice for e-commerce companies?

Yes, cloud shipping is highly beneficial for e-commerce companies. It offers increased efficiency and cost-effectiveness compared to traditional physical shipping methods. Cloud shipping also enables faster delivery times, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty by providing a seamless shipping experience.

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