Everything You Need to Know About Professional Courier Charges & How They Are Calculated

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  1. What are Professional Courier Charges?
  2. How are Professional Courier Charges Calculated?
  3. Professional Courier Cost within India
  4. Professional Courier Charges for International Locations
  5. Get Top Courier Partners at the Lowest Charges with Shiprocket
  6. Conclusion
  7. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The growth of the eCommerce market has enabled businesses to reach a wide range of customers, necessitating reliable courier services for product delivery. Professional courier charges are determined based on various factors such as the type of service, mode of transport, package weight, dimensions, and destination. Choosing the right courier company depends on factors like service quality, price, and responsiveness. While courier companies strive to improve service quality, they also aim to reduce charges. Let's delve into what constitutes professional courier charges and how they are calculated.

  1. What are Professional Courier Charges?

Courier charges are calculated based on the weight, volume, destination, shipping method, and dimensions of the package.

- Net Weight: The weight of the package before it is packed is known as the net weight.

- Gross Weight: The gross weight includes the net weight plus the weight of the packaging. Courier charges are calculated based on the gross weight.

In some cases, volumetric weight is considered when the package is bulky and occupies more space relative to its weight. Courier companies may charge based on volumetric weight, which reflects the space it occupies during shipping.

Several courier companies provide rate calculators on their websites, allowing customers to estimate the professional courier charges. These calculators provide an idea of the amount payable to ship the package to the desired destination. The delivery time also affects the charges, with urgent deliveries incurring higher costs due to the need for dedicated resources and faster routing. This is often referred to as a premium cost.

The average courier charges in India range from INR 20-90 per 500 grams to INR 40-180 per kilogram. These charges may vary depending on the delivery destination and package weight.

  1. How are Professional Courier Charges Calculated?

Courier rate calculators are used to estimate shipping costs. These calculators require parameters such as the number of parcels, dimensions, weights, contents, pickup location, delivery location, and urgency. Based on these inputs, the calculator provides an estimated courier charge, enabling customers to choose the best option within their budget.

Some courier companies offer online rate calculators on their websites. This helps customers calculate the payable courier charges, instilling confidence that the parcel can be sent within the estimated price range.

For international deliveries, customs duties and other charges may apply, increasing the overall cost. Rate calculators consider these factors, including taxes, fuel surcharges, and insurance fees.

Certain courier companies compare the actual weight with the volumetric weight and charge based on the higher of the two.

  1. Professional Courier Cost within India

Courier charges may vary slightly between different courier companies in India, such as DHL, Blue Dart, DTDC, Professional, Maruti, FedEx, and more. The transportation cost, influenced by air and road transport expenses, forms a significant portion of the overall rate.

For a normal parcel weighing up to 3 kilograms, rates can range from Rs. 80 to Rs. 100. When shipping between states, rates can vary from Rs. 200 per kilogram to Rs. 700 per kilogram, with applicable weight slabs. Some courier companies charge competitively low rates, around Rs. 30 to Rs. 50, for small parcels like documents within cities.

  1. Professional Courier Charges for International Locations

Courier companies collaborate with international logistics and freight forward to facilitate overseas parcel delivery. International deliveries generally incur higher costs compared to domestic shipments. The rates for international locations can range from Rs. 2,500 to Rs. 9,000 per parcel, depending on the weight, destination country, and shipped product.

  1. Get Top Courier Partners at the Lowest Charges with Shiprocket

Shiprocket, India's leading eCommerce shipping solution, is trusted by over 100,000 brands and entrepreneurs for its competitive shipping rates, extensive reach, and excellent customer service. With domestic shipping starting at INR 20 per 500 grams and international shipping starting at INR 290 per 50 grams, Shiprocket offers reduced shipping costs and broader market access.

Shiprocket provides seamless cross-border shipping through multiple international courier partners, ensuring the best possible prices. Generating labels and scheduling pickups is simple and efficient with Shiprocket. The platform also offers unified tracking throughout the order journey for international courier services.

  1. Conclusion

Courier companies play a crucial role in facilitating the delivery of parcels from one location to another. With numerous courier companies competing in the market, understanding the factors affecting professional courier charges enables businesses to find the best courier services at reasonable prices. It's essential to prioritize service quality over simply opting for the cheapest available option.

  1. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What factors are important when selecting a courier company for shipping needs?

A: Key factors to consider when selecting a courier company include reliability, on-time delivery service, documentation support, and customer service.

Q2. What are the advantages of using courier services?

A: Courier services ensure timely collection and delivery of shipments, providing a reliable and cost-effective option. They often offer tracking services to keep customers informed about their shipments' progress.

Q3. How can I calculate courier charges instantly with Shiprocket?

A: Shiprocket offers a convenient courier charges calculator on their website, allowing users to quickly plan and estimate shipment costs.

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