How to choose best thermal wear for winter?

When it comes to winter wear, there are a lot of categories and subcategories of woolen clothing that might come off as confusing or even overwhelming for some people. But winter wear is very simple, even humorous. Let’s begin by discussing exactly what thermal wear is.

The word ‘thermal’ means heat. Thermal wear is also known as ‘long underwear’ or thermal underwear because of its appearance which is of elongated underwear that fits the entire body. There are plenty of reasons why wearing thermals is important in winter. For that, let’s start by understanding ‘What is thermal clothing exactly ?’

Base layers refer to the innermost layers of winter clothing. In cold weather conditions, base layers form the foundation for all the other layers. Many define them as ‘second skin’ thus referring to the many features they provide. This innermost layer soaks all the sweat and maintains the body temperature by not letting the body heat escape. It also prevents the extremely cold air from seeping in.

Benefits of Thermal Wear

These days, thermals are available for mild, moderate and extreme weather conditions. All you have to do is pick the right fabric and weight to ensure protection against cold weather conditions. This way, you save yourself from the weight of wearing too many layers together every time you want to go out. You can pick any one outfit to wear over thermals.

Wearing multiple layers at once restricts your body in many ways. The sweat makes you feel wet, and you can’t do anything about it. Plus, the multiple layers also restrict your hand and body movement.

On the contrary, thermals provide comfortable body movement as well as sweat-wicking traits. High-quality materials such as merino wools manage moisture and keep you dry. The elasticity of material gives you the freedom to move your hands, legs, and shoulders.

The size of thermal wear comfortably takes the shape of your body. The lightweight material doesn’t let you feel restricted. Hence, you can wear them and go out to indulge in intense activities.

If you are a fan of skiing, ice climbing, mountaineering and backpacking, thermals are essentials during winters. They keep you warm and transform sweat as well. So, you can comfortably enjoy outdoor activities no matter how chilly it is outside.

Thermals are designed to safeguard against different kinds of heat loss. They protect against convection, evaporation, and conduction as well.

There are two styles of thermal underwear: one piece underwear suits and two-piece models which include a long-sleeved top and a lower body piece that covers you from the waist to the ankles.

Both styles can be close fitting or loose fitting – it all depends on the type of the fabric they are made of. For example, microfiber models are more form-fitting and tend to keep their shape better than cotton. As long as you buy a model that doesn’t rub against your skin even in a combination with mid and outer layers, you’re good!

Bottom line is, wearing thermal underwear is the simplest and most efficient way to protect your body from the cold weather. Keep in mind the above-mentioned factors when buying your clothing and you will have nothing to worry about.