How to choose a perfect Rain Coat??

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A waterproof Rain jacket is your biggest barrier against wet weather, something that the travelers are too familiar with. Whether you’re looking for a backpacking trip or trekking adventure, keeping things dry and clean is always a priority, after all, you don’t want to be sick. And letting your camera get wet? Not a chance!

Additional features for your perfect raincoat

  • This includes a hood, pockets, length, etc. We find the hood most important of all. 
  • Make sure it sits nice and tight and does not fall off when you turn your head, because it’s the least favorite thing to constantly fix your hood while maneuvering through a rain storm.
  • Also, check if the raincoat can be zipped or buttoned up until your chin and there are straps to tighten the hood preventing water from reaching your collar.
  • Pockets can play the key role to keep your belongings dry when the rain strikes as well as giving your hands some extra warmth.
  • At best case they should have a zipper or an additional flap with snap closures.
  • An inside pocket is also a great feature to look for. Some may even have an earphone port for you to listen to your favorite podcast when travelling to work.

Length and the right fit are important

Length of a raincoat can be a sensitive topic because when too short it will not cover enough of your body to go through pouring rain and if too long it can restrict your movements too much especially when riding a bike or doing chores in the garden. Good decision would be to look for a design which is longer at the back than front. This way the coverage is maximized without interrupting too much with your freedom of movement.

Enjoy the rain

you’ve just found your perfect raincoat! Then go explore the colors a brand has to offer and choose according to your own wardrobe and personality.

Most of things to choose a perfect Rain Coat

  • Waterproof fabric
  • Length
  • Sealed seams
  • A good hood
  • Breathability

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